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Stars of Asia Project

About the Project and Purpose

Stars of Asia Project is one of the IYA2009, International Year of Astronomy 2009, activity with collaboration of Asian area. The purpose of this project is collecting and editing Asian excellent myths and legends relating to stars and Universe through the collaboration of Asian countries/regions and publish attractive books in each country/region. So, many people can enjoy those stories in school, planetarium, and at home.


As you know, there are a lot of Asian myths and legends relating to stars and Universe. However, in schools and planetariums in Japan, Western constellations and their stories originated from Greek/Rome myths are often introduced. This is the same situation in not only Japan but also Asian countries/regions. Therefore, we started up this project that make a book on Asian stories at the best opportunuty of the IYA2009 that attracted people's attentions to the astronomy. The goal of this project is that people all over the whole world would share rich culture of stars and Universe of the Asia and Pacific Oceans area.


Norio Kaifu
Emeritus Professor of NAOJ, President of IAU
Chair of "Stars of Asia" Editorial Board

Fumi Yoshida
Research Expert of Office of International Relations, NAOJ
Member of "Stars of Asia" Working Group