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International support of NAOJ (Alphabetical order)

Based on the success of the IYA 2009, for the further development of astronomy, people recognized that it is important to encourage astronomy for universities and research, astronomy for children and school, and astronomy for the public in the world, especially in the developing countries. NAOJ is also putting a lot of energy into developing countries-oriented international cooperation and support service in recent years as follows.

Asia Winter School

This is a research educational program for young researchers (graduate students, post-doctoral researchers) in Asian region operated by NAOJ and the Sokendai, School of Physical Sciences, Department of Astronomical Science. For dealing with wider fields of astronomy, it has different courses every year, lecturers are gathered from different countries. A little less than one hundred students and researchers attend the school every year.


The 25cm and 10cm coronagraph of Norikura observatory of NAOJ will be moved to the Yunnan Observatory in China so that the observation of solar corona from the ground can be continued there.


A group mainly consisting of the staff of NAOJ adjusted the optical system of the 188 m telescope of Kottamia Observatory, and it revived this telescope whose satisfactory observation had not been completed for a long time.


Mongolia joined in IAU in 2006. It asked international cooperation so that astronomy for universities and research, astronomy for children and school, and astronomy for the public will develop there. The head of OIR visited several places in Mongolia and gave lectures on astronomy for university students, children, and the public.


About 20 years ago, one researcher visited NAOJ. Then he started research collaborations between Nigeria and Japan in the field of radio astronomy.


A researcher from Peru had studied astronomy in Japan, and then he went back to Peru and promoted solar physics there. Since then, several research collaborations between NAOJ and Peru are also going on in the field of radio astronomy.


From a research collaboration started by two researchers in UBAI and NAOJ in 2003, Maidanak observatory having excellent observational conditions like Mauna Kea became popular gradually in Japan. Recently, the Maidanak observatory grew up to be an international base for astronomical observation through the long term international support from Russia, the Ukraine, and East Asian countries (Japan, Korea, etc.).

“You are Galileo!”

The aim of “You are Galileo!” project is to make children observe the universe with the “You are Galileo! telescope”, and make them have fun looking at planets, stars and satellites as Galileo did. Through such experience, children can share the same surprise and discovery that Galileo had experienced. This project was started as a part of the IYA-IAU cornerstone project from 2009.
The project has two important aspects: (1) free offer of “You are Galileo!” telescope to developing countries for educational support, (2) workshop for how to make and use “You are Galileo!” telescope. So far, “You are Galileo!” telescope were distributed to about 40 countries without cost and the workshops were held in 7 countries. After 2009, it has been funded from ODA:Official Development Assistance for UNESCO, performed in Indonesia (in 2010) and Mongolia (in 2011).
More detail information is available from the following web page. http://kimigali.jp/index-e.html

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