News : September 4, 2015

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IAU XXIX GA was Held at Honolulu!

In August 3 - 14, 2015, the International Astronomical Union XXIX General Assembly (hereinafter, IAU XXIX GA) was held at Honolulu, Hawaii. The Office of International Relations (OIR) of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, NAOJ, exhibited the booth in IAU XXIX GA for introducing and promoting NAOJ, including each project, each center, and collaborations. More than 3,000 people join to the conference. Also, many local students visit the conference exhibitions. There are many booths of various institutes that came from many countries.

We prepared the general pamphlet of NAOJ and leaflets of each project. Moreover, we also brought the graduate school information. Our institute has various projects; the number is about 18 including international projects, centers, and so on. ALMA and TMT are international projects, Subaru Telescope is international branch, Mizusawa VLBI, Nobeyama, and Okayama are some major domestic branches. Also, Hinode Science Center is the solar observing project collaborates with JAXA. The RISE project is another project of JAXA collaboration. And, Gravitational wave project, Computer for Computational Astronomy, and the Solar Observation are also the NAOJ projects in the Headquarters. In addition to these observational projects, NAOJ has the Advanced Technology Center, the Public Relations Center, and Astronomy Data Center. There are not only these current projects, but also some future plans, such as Solar-C and CLASP, and JASMINE.

Moreover, we played our institute and astronomy promotion movies including International Year of Light 2015, IYL 2015*, promotion movie. During these 2 weeks, many attendees visited our booth. They checked these leaflets and the movies.

*This year is the 100 year celebration of Einstein's theory, and then the UNESCO determined that this year is the “International Year of Light 2015”.

NAOJ Exhibition Booth
NAOJ exhibition booth of IAU XXIX GA.

These novelties were distributed to the attendees.