Emergency Manual

It is high possibility that the cell phone and fixed-line phone would be disconnect soon.
The direction by disaster task force (headquarter) to the staff would be given by e-mail or disaster emergency message dial (see at the last of this page).
*Also, it will be considered the ways that is to use twitter and/or facebook via the Internet.

+ Take the following actions if Mitaka is hit by a major earthquake (and/or other disasters).

(A) If you are in Mitaka campus,

  1. The first priority is your own safety. In case of an earthquake, take shelter under desk or table to avoid bookshelves, PCs, lighting apparatus etc., which may be falling. Wear your helmet if possible. Beware of shattered glasses and so on.
  2. It may be dangerous to stay inside. There may be announcements but be prepared to make your own judgment and evacuate with caution, to the assembly point which is in ground on the north side of the campus, unless otherwise announced. Turn off any fires if you are using one. Keep contact with people around you. If possible, check the offices next to yours.

(B) If you are at home or elsewhere,

Once again, the first priority is you and your family's safety. Please remain in a safe place until NAOJ contacts you by email. or other means. If you are asked by email to contact NAOJ at anpi@nao.ac.jp to advise us on your status, please do so promptly. Even if you are not asked you are not discouraged to contact us through this channel.

**Usage of Disaster Emergency Message Dial**
The leader of emergency task force (headquarter) will record the message for giving required information to all staff when the disaster would occur. The staff can check the message with dialing next number.

1 7 1 2 ( 0 4 2 2 ) 3 4 - 3 6 0 0

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Evacuation area

Disaster Prevention Map of Mitaka City

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Regional Disaster Prevention Plan of Mitaka city

In Case of Earthquake

Flow of how to evacuate

*Temporary Evacuation Site --- This site is temporary evacuation place for escaping from secondary disaster such as fire and so on, after the first disaster happened. Parks and school grounds where have enough space for evacuated people safety are designated. (Nearby National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, NAOJ, Osawa-dai Elementary School, Dai-nana Junior High School, Hanesawa Elementary School, Etc.)
*Mass Evacuation Site --- A big disaster was happened, and in case of that the fire would come to temporary evacuation site or etc., the site is the place to escape when the decision would be that nearby evacuation site is not safety anymore. (Except NAOJ, nearby, International Crisis University (ICU), Nogawa Park, Osawa Sports Ground, Jindai Botanical Garden, etc.)
*Emergency Shelter --- In case that the home collapse or become difficult to live because of the disaster, or there is a high risk to get damage, people stay and spend refuge life there temporarily. Also, it is work as hub for providing food, daily commodity and so on. It designate at schools, community centers, etc. such having roof. (Nearby NAOJ, Osawa-dai Elementary School, Dai-nana Junior High School, Hanesawa Elementary School, Osawa Community Center, etc.)



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