NAOJ Mitaka Campus

2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, 181-8588

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From Tokyo-Narita International Airport

If you arrive at Tokyo-Narita International Airport, there are a number of ways to come to Mitaka Campus.

By Airport Bus

If you have large luggage, please choose Airport Bus, although unfortunately the number of busses are limited. More frequent service is available by train.

  1. Airport to Chofu Station
    Take Airport Limousine Bus from the airport to Chofu 調布 (not Kofu) station. Please purchase a ticket at the Airport Limousine Ticket Counter in the arrival lobby at 1st floor, and wait at the bus stop. It costs 3,300 yen (Apr. 2015). The bus leaves from bus stand #4 or #13 in Terminal 1. Or, it leaves from bus stand #4 or #14 in Terminal 2. (*The bus stand would be changed sometimes. The information will be given when you purchase your ticket. Please ask the attendants for more details.)
    Chofu station is about 2 km far from the observatory. Timetable and details of the Limousine Bus is available from here (http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/platform_searches/index/2/95).
  2. Chofu Station to Mitaka Campus
    Airport bus stops at the southern bus pool of Chofu station. Go to the northern bus pool crossing Chofu station via an overpass.
    1. By Bus
      From the stand #11, Odakyu busses to Musashisakai 武蔵境 station (#91) and to Mitaka 三鷹 station (#51) leave. From the stand #12, Keio buses to Musashi-koganei 武蔵小金井 station (#91 or #93) leave. Get off at "Tenmondai-mae" 天文台前 bus stop. All announcement is made in Japanese. However, almost all the buses display the name of the next bus stop in both Japanese and English near the driver. It costs 220 yen (by cash) / 216 yen (by IC card) for Odakyu bus (payment is in advance) or 220 yen (cash) / 216 yen (IC card) for Keio bus (payments is at last).
    2. By Taxi
      You can also take a taxi from Chofu station. It will bring you to campus in 10-15 min. from Chofu. It costs about 2000 yen. If you would take a taxi, please say "Tenmondai" to the taxi driver. Explanation card (in Japanese) for the taxi driver is below. Please print it out, and show it to the taxi driver.

By Train

Musashisakai station is one of the nearest stations to Mitaka Campus. JR (Japan Railway) East provides Narita Express (N'EX) between Tokyo and Narita airport. N'EX usually runs every half an hour. See this URL (http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/nex/index.html) for information on N'EX. Take the JR N'EX from Narita Airport and transfer to JR Chuo-line to "Musashisakai" station. The brief direction is in below, also please refer to the following websites for searching the route and the timetable of the railway.

- Jorudan (http://www.jorudan.co.jp/english/)
- Hyperdia (http://www.hyperdia.com/en/)

  1. Airport to Tokyo Station
    Upon arrival at Narita airport, go downstairs to B1F and you will find Narita Airport Station (Terminal 1) or Airport Terminal 2 Station (Terminal 2). Buy a ticket to Musashisakai station and a seat reservation ticket of N'EX to Tokyo 東京 station (about 3,500 yen). Take a Narita Express and change train at Tokyo station.
  2. Transfer to Chuo-line at Tokyo Station
    N'EX will arrives at a platform of basement 5th floor of Tokyo station. Go to track #1 or 2 (Chuo-line Rapid service for Takao). Take Chuo-line rapid service (orange-line body train) and get off at Musashisakai station.

    OPTIONAL : Transfer to Chuo-line at Shinjuku Station

    There are another choice of station to transfer from N'EX to Chuo-line. If you take N'EX going to Shinjuku 新宿 station, you can also transfer to Chuo-line here. At Shinjuku station, go to track #11 or #12 (Chuo-line Rapid). Take Chuo-line Rapid service (orange-line body train) and get off at Musashisakai station.

  3. JR Musashisakai Station to Mitaka Campus
    1. By Bus
      Go to the South exit of the station. You will find a bus pool in front of the station exit. (there is another bus pool next to the north exit). From #3 bus stand, bus to Komae 狛江 station (#91) departs. Get off at "Tenmondai-mae" bus stop. ("Tenmondai-ura" is a different bus stop where you will find a back-gate of the observatory.) It costs 220 yen (by cash) / 216 yen (by IC card). The buses also have Japanese announcement and the bus stop information display in Japanese and English.
      Please remember that "Tenmondai" means astronomical observatory in Japanese.
    2. By Taxi
      Of course, you can use a taxi from Musashisakai station to the observatory. It will bring you to Mitaka campus in 20-30 min. from the station. It costs about 2,000 yen.
      Also, please use explanation card (in Japanese) provided previous part.

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From Tokyo Haneda Airport (International and Domestic)

Depends on your flight, the arrival airport would be Tokyo-Haneda International Airport. Also, if you use different international airports such as Osaka, Nagoya, or Fukuoka, you will have a connection flight to Tokyo and are supposed to arrive at Tokyo-Haneda Airport (domestic). It is better to use the bus to come to Mitaka campus from Haneda Airport.

By Airport Bus

  1. Airport to Chofu Station
    Airport bus is available to Chofu station. Bus runs approximately every one hour. Timetable and details of the Airport Limousine bus is available here (http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/platform_searches/index/4/96). Please purchase a ticket at the Limousine Bus Ticket Counter or Automatic Ticket Vending Machine in the arrival lobby, and wait at the bus stop. It costs 1,440 yen for one-way trip.
    1. From International terminal
      The information desk (Limousine Bus Ticket Counter) is in the arrival lobby at 2nd floor. After buy your bus ticket, go down to the 1st floor. The bus leaves from bus stand #3 outside of 1st floor.
    2. From Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2)
      The ticket counter is in the arrival lobby at 1st floor. After buy your ticket, go outside. The bus leaves from bus stand #5 where outside of the arrival lobby.
  2. Chofu Station to Mitaka Campus
    Take a bus or a taxi from Chofu station as shown in previous.

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